Situated at the foot of Klekovaca Mountain, the Klekovaca Tourist Center is positioned to become the first ski resort and eco-resort in Bosnia-herzegovina’s Dinaric Arc. Located about 3 hours from Split on the Adriatic, the Kozila Plateau rises to 805 to 895 meters above sea level, covering an area of 383 hectares.

Taking advantage of the sites unique climate year round, the planned golf and ski resorts are conceived as a single, linear urban entity to the south of the Kozila Plateau, while the health resort is clustered to the north of the plateau.

The single urban pathway defines the zone of development with a range of densities, morphologies and programs along a consistent topographic contour.

In contrast to the summer/winter linear pathway of the golf and ski development, the health resorts’ year round use locates its organization into a forested cluster of alternating courtyards.

Filling the plateau between these two developments are the summer outdoor activities: golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts, hiking and biking paths.

The simplicity and clarity of the resulting gesture, allows various stages of development to create credible urban and natural environments to evolve over time.

The topographic linear organization allows the golf and ski development to grow uphill or downhill, connecting summer and winter activities, while the clustered development of the health resort can expand centripetally, like rings in a tree.

The architecture is defined by a simple geometric tile, which separates and connects to respond to solar orientation, views, density and access.

Vernacular stone and local timber construction are deployed to create a contemporary, yet timeless ambiance.

© 2014 NO ARCHITECTURE, PLLC PROJECT: 600 resort villas, 1350 residential apartments, 300 key golf hotel, 1000 key heath resort, 3300 key hotels, outdoor and indoor sports facilities, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, market, casino, cultural center, church, heath center, swimming pools TYPE: Concept SIZE: 558,975 m² (6,016,757 ft²) CLIENT: GB IMMO d.o.o. COLLABORATORS: NA LOCATION: Klekovaca Mountain, Bosnia-Herzegovina STATUS: Pending VALUE: NA KEY PERSON: Andrew Heid TEAM: Wendi Cui, George Distefano, Sbrissa Eleonora, Nicole Mattos Toja, Marta Rodrigues, Harrison Ratcliff-Bush, Alberto Andrés Silva Olivo, Sabrina Wang, Xiaoyue Yin, Erin Yook

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