NO Architecture exhibits "From Collective Form to Ecological Urbanism: Towards Climate Resilient Housing" at the 2015 BI-CITY BIENNALE OF URBANISM ARCHITECTURE, Shenzhen, China.

This exhibition is about an alternate trajectory of habitation. Drawing on the history of vernacular settlements, our focus is clustered housing and the shared spaces that are fostered from a wide range of climates, cultures, and contexts. Within this spectrum, a catalog of indigenous and modern housing complexes are modeled and analyzed for density, gross floor area, solar access and ventilation. From this data, we hope that new techniques and patterns in design will emerge, conditions favoring natural ventilation, passive cooling (and heating), yet at the same time supporting the hospitable proximity of people living together within their environments.

For over 80 years, the dominant forces of industry, development and even modernism itself, have been fundamentally at odds with how people live together, and in particular, how people live with their natural environments. By many measures, our built-up urban centers have exacerbated their local climates by overheating. This effect leads to a whole series of negative externalities. To elaborate this paradox at the scale of housing is to question the specific configurations, forms and fabrics of our cities today and how they can adapt and mitigate for tomorrow.

After thirty years of intense development, Shenzhen is close to finishing its first phase of building. At this critical moment, we have the opportunity to study and question the effects of rapid urbanization and globalization. From the Hutongs in Beijing to the clustered houses in Fujian, we hope to discover how people once lived together more harmoniously in the past, and with this catalog, we hope to inspire more harmoniously living with nature in the future. The research findings will be presented by a series of selected photos, analytical drawings and prototype models.

© 2016 NO ARCHITECTURE, PLLC PROJECT: Exhibition TYPE: Commission SIZE: 18 m² (193 ft²) CLIENT: UABB COLLABORATORS: Iwan Baan SUPPORTERS: Plimpton-Shattuck Fund, CRH/ Old Castle, Dr. Nezih Cereb/Histogenetics , NYIT LOCATION: Shenzhen, China STATUS: Completed VALUE: NA KEY PERSON: Andrew Heid, Jie Xie, Jialin Yuan TEAM: Daniel Bayne, Yawen Jin, Chung Ming Lam, Jean Lien, Sophie Maquire, Eleonora Sbrissa, Jingyuan Yang, Daniel Zuvia


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