Busan appears as a thick crust of urban inhabitation interspearsed with an archipelago of vegetal uplifts with infrastructural zones of subduction... out of this urban and vegetal jungle, the Opera House rises from the harbor.

In contrast to the conventional opera house that is surrounded/encircled/entombed by a horizontal proliferation of support spaces, Busan is conceived as a three-dimensional hive. Suspended from a monumental tensegrity structure, the support spaces surround and cascade along the exteriors of the performance halls.

The tensegrity structure is caped in a vegetal wrapper that shades in the summer, while passively heats in the winter. This new typology sponsors convivial public mixing between inside and outside while providing/performing/affording natural cooling, ventilation and shade. The internal relationships between programs structurally, socially and mechanically interact and collate into a series of public hanging gardens.

© 2011 NOA + AbCT PROJECT: Opera house/ mutli-purpose performance hall/ public garden/ offices TYPE: Competition SIZE: 47,949 m² (516,123 ft²) CLIENT: Busan Metropolitan City COLLABORATORS: AbCT LOCATION: Busan, South Korea STATUS: NA VALUE: $216 million KEY PERSON: Andrew Heid TEAM: Hyoeun Kim, Christopher Purpura, Janghee Yoo.

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